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The Container Store - An 'Employee First' Culture to Drive Success
  Texas-based The Container Store Group Inc is a leading retailer of storage and organization products. It started its journey in 1978 with a 1,600 square...
Nov 23, 2017
Delivering Solutions that Manage & Enhance Employee Engagement
  A Prestigious Client which is a leading global process outsourcing company having multi location presence with over 5000 employees. Being in the BPO ind...
Nov 17, 2017
Generations Aren’t Dividing The Workforce – Stereotypes Are!
Generations Aren’t Dividing The Workforce – Stereotypes Are!

Popular media tells us that today’s workplace, with four generations – soon to be five – working side by side, stands divided by generational differences. To help us decide once a... Read more

Organisation these days are focusing on improving their cand...
July 6
Managing Stress at Work
  Stress at the workplace has become such a pervading feature of modern day work environment, that some experts have dubbed it as the “21st century ...
Nov 07, 2017
Delivering Solutions that Encourage High Performance
  One of the largest Insurance companies in India spread across 1450+ cities. A market leader and professionally driven with market share of over 70%. The...
Nov 02, 2017