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Delivering Solutions that Manage & Enhance Employee Engagement

 Delivering Solutions that Manage & Enhance Employee Engagement


A Prestigious Client which is a leading global process outsourcing company having multi location presence with over 5000 employees. Being in the BPO industry had its own set of challenges and issues that were hampering business growth and long term vision. In addition to the usual challenges of churn, increasing employee motivation, other organizational issues like decentralized multilocation reward system, unstructured rewards management, lack of ownership of Rewards & Recognition (R & R) program and absence of dedicated and dependable R & R partner were seen as impediments to the growth and development of the business.


On the ground, the HR team was facing issues of having a robust and scalable mechanism to breed a culture of appreciation amongst employees, peer to peer recognition, manager to peer nominations with simple approval mechanism, systematic budget allocation & control, and ease of fulfilment of rewards with ample choice across the organisation.


Solution by Sodexo:


  • Sodexo designed a robust and scalable web-based internal R&R platform combined with Social Recognition and Reward Fulfilment Capabilities.


  • The features offered involved contemporary Social Recognition to increase engagement, peer-to-peer nomination/  appreciation

>Manager nomination and multi-level approval system

> Leader Board & Hall of fame - snapshot of most recognized, rewarded and appreciated employees

> Employee Spotlight - entire history of social conversations amongst employees.

> eCard Centre - personalized greetings to fellow colleagues


  • Sodexo used conventional workflows to create a unique platform as per the prevailing HR policies. The platform included a mechanism for spot approvals with the help of physical gift cards with digital codes which can be instantly issued to the winners by their respective managers. The solution offered customized Gifting catalogue designed as per the demographics of the employee and the average wallet size of reward points. Overall, Sodexo created a flexible, engaging and easy to use platform for the employees.



The Results


The Solution helped the client to bring all employees under a common platform with a common yardstick of measurement of target parameters. It brought total control over the allocated budget and ensured parity in rewards due to the multi-level approval system. The program has been highly appreciated by all employees for the ease of use and social recognition features.


The client is extremely satisfied with Sodexo's R & R Platform 'WeCare' that shares timely MIS and reports of the results: Within 4 months of roll out


>> 1939 employees have been recognized with Badges

>> 769 employees nominated for various awards

>> 499 employees got approved and rewarded

>> 381 spot rewards are given through the platform to employees

>> 1mn points allotted (50% redeemed)


Sodexo is committed to its clients to partner and augment their capability to manage employee R & R engagement through Sodexo 'WeCare'. After all, every motivated employee creates many more.


Publsihed with permission from Engage Sodexo Newsletter, Issue 2.  


Disclaimer: The content for this newsletter has been provided by Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd. (D&B India) in collaboration with Sodexo SVC India Pvt. Ltd. (Sodexo SVC India) and the intellectual property rights rest with both D&B India and Sodexo SVC India. The information in this newsletter is compiled from various sources including company websites, company announcements, media articles and other secondary sources. While D&B India and Sodexo SVC India endeavor to ensure accuracy of information contained in this publication, they do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any person resulting from reliance on it.

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